There is a wide range of activities available at Primrose CA and we invite yu to take a look at the list below.  For further information please just expand any activities to see a more details.

Girls Drama Club

Thursday 5.00-7.00pm

Work as a team to explore drama, gain acting techniques and create pieces whilst having fun along the way.

Woodwork Group
Wednesday 10am -12am
Aurora Sci-Fi Group
Saturday 12.00pm – 3.45pm Explore the world of Science fiction through films, videos and internet.  Welcome to all aged 16+
Healthy Option Breakfast
Monday 9.00am – 12.00pm Full English breakfast all grilled and served for only £4.00 includes tea/coffee and toast.
Wednesday evenings 7.00pm – 9.00pm Prices Class fees are as follows 7 – 14 yrs = £2 15+ = £4 There is a yearly membership / Insurance of £30 payable at the End of March each year.  This is on a sliding scale and if you join after 6 months this reduces to £15. This is payable on the 4th lesson, allowing you the chance to try the art before you commit. What to wear All students will need to wear a white Gi. This is not essential in the first few lessons, old loose clothing such as jogging bottoms and T-shirts will be ideal – however they may run the risks or rips / tears during practice. Gi’s and other items can be bought at discounted price through the club. – All products come from Blitz Sports. Price lists available. Do I need to be fit? The answer is no, as you will work to your own pace and ability. However it is important to remember that this is a martial art, which requires physical contact and exertion. Any serious health issues MUST be discussed with the Instructor BEFORE you train as you may be putting yourself and others at risk if you try to train with injury or ill health. Class Etiquette In Japanese arts, bowing is a sign of respect. You bow on entering the dojo (training hall) and when you get on the mats. You bow to show respect to your Sensei (teacher) and to your partner.
Indoor Bowls
Daily Available daily, £3.25 per session, 2 lane rink opportunities to join our league on a Monday evening.  Great opportunity to meet new friends and old new members welcome.
Monday 6.30pm – 8.30pm Japanese people are very disciplined and we try to bring that in to the classes , the legal age for a student is 4 years old and above to any age (so you’re not too old). Cost is £3. Karate can improve your fitness and is a good way to meet other people

Monday 6.00pm – 6.30pm Original none choreographed, body weight only, HIIT, workout  Group studio class its tough and that’s why it gets results.

Can Do Pilates with Denise

Sunday 7pm-8pm 

Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen.

Monday 4.30-8.30pm, Thursday 4.30-8.30pm, Friday 4.30-8.30pm, Saturday 9.15am-5.00pm.
Primrose CA Toddler Group
Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday form 10.00am – 12.00pm Give your child a good start in life opportunity to meet other children, they can enjoy fruit and orange juice, while parents and grans and grandads enjoy a cuppa. They will love the art table and toys for all ages.
Sequence Dance
Friday 7.30pm Great way to enjoy your night as well as exercising through dance great opportunity to meet and socialise with others. We hold regular Pie and Pea and fish and chip suppers for all to enjoy.

Primrose Community Centre boasts two squash courts recently refurbished to an excellent standard. They are bright, warm and deliver a true bounce of the ball. They are at ground level with a glass back design leading to the same level viewing area behind for spectators and players alike and are widely regarded as two of the best courts in the Northumbria squash area. There are 5 squash leagues for the many members to be involved in, from the premier league down to league 4, so all abilities are catered for should you require slightly more competitive games. The Centre is proud to support three squash teams, the men’s first and second teams and also a ladies team. Anyone can play for the teams should you have an interest and there is no requirement to play in the leagues to be a team player. There is also a Junior Squash section where up and coming future players learn and improve their game with the dedicated assistance of qualified squash coaches. Youngsters from the age of 6 years can learn the game, improve their social skills and benefit from interacting with young people with a shared interest. There are qualified squash coaches available for more adult members also. Should you require top class coaching to raise your game, make enquiries at the centre for details. Primrose Squash has a reputation for being a friendly, unassuming, welcoming section of Primrose Community Centre and new members soon feel at home amongst more long term, regular players who will be more than happy to “give you a game” no matter what level or ability you play at. You can be assured that once you have experienced playing at Primrose squash you will continue to enjoy being part of a great section for many years to come.

The Third Age Trust
Bede of Jarrow group was formed in October 2007. Aimed at people who are no longer working but are still willing & able to learn and pass on any skills that they have to other people, no exams to sit but there are lots of activities to enjoy. Art is just one of the activities enjoyed by members it is very expressive, relaxing, therapeutic and very enjoyable. The exhibition of Art is an achievement for members who have only discovered these skills since joining the U3A. Meeting held first Monday of the month, come along and find out more about the wide range of activities.
Wednesday Ladies
Ladies group formed over 50 years ago meet every Wednesday at 6.30pm.  The ladies enjoy socialising, playing BINGO, pie and pea suppers and organising lunches out.
XYW Ladies Group
Thursday 7.30pm – 10.00pm

Our group have been going for more than 50 years. We are a small group of 18 to 20 members and we have been friends all these years. We are a mature group but young at heart. Our committee of 3 members are elected each year from May to April. They arrange our weekly programme for the members which range from, quizzes, board games, pie and peas, fish and chips, cheese and wine and occational day trips. Speakers on health,histoy,holidays,we all have varied interests and enjoy our Thursday Nights

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